Monday, April 29, 2013

The Outback!

So finally, my reflections on the trip our ASC group took to the Outback...

    -     4 days of travel out to the middle of nowhere ie. "Back of Bourke" or "whoopwhoop" 
    -   12 hour bus ride both ways
-       Stayed in an awesome hotel ( seemed awesome after hostels and such)
-       actually only 2 full days in Outback
-      it felt longer though because we just could do whatever we wanted and explore
-        I signed the "No Shower” pact with the group (4-5 days ish) yum.

-       Where we stayed was called Trilby Station, Louth-- a 300,000 acres sheep farm-- they herd the sheep with not just dogs but also planes, yes, planes.
   ^ That is the sheep farmer, Gary.... you can find out more crazy awesome info. on him and his wife and their farm by looking up their website for Trilby Station!)

-       Saw my first wild kangaroos hopping by while I was on the bus! 

-       Most amazing star-gazing ever! Saw a huge possible meteor (ball of fire thing, need to ask Dad, lol)?
-       Tons of shooting stars, saw a very clear Orion, and saw my first Southern Hemisphere constellations like the Southern Cross!
-       Twinkling stars! So bright and clear and twinkly! (Red, whites, blues/purples)
-       Saw Mars distinctly, but no moon because it was a new moon, weird
-       Canoed and relaxed viewing the beautiful scenery on the "Billabong" ie. creek 
-       Practiced enjoying the moment (easier there than in Sydney)
-       Slept outside under the stars the first night (not much sleep but still awesome)
-       Got to play with the sheep- herding dogs, the Kelpies! (Rudy, Tanny, Plugger)
-       Was part of a little worship team some of us created for the ASC group
-       Sang improv and harmony by the fire at night with some talented ASC friends, so fun
-       Saw Kangaroos everywhere on the property, and on the tour our bus driver, Ian, took us on around the Outback, also saw rare pink-winged cockatoos
-       Worst part: the AWFUL annoying loud huge amounts of buzzing FLIES, the do not back off! lol just group of them land on you and stay there and buzzzzzz. ick.
-       The ground was covered in burs, which were felt like little thorns that just work their way into your skin and clothes, they were annoying also!
-       Still finding burs in my clothes (socks mainly, although i painfully discovered one in the back of my athletic shorts while dancing in hiphop class, that was fun :p)
   -        Loved the gorgeous red dirt! White socks and a t-shirts are permanently stained, and there's still some red dust and dirt on my camera and bag, but it's like i'll always have part of the Outback with me now ;)
   -       Some of us went Mudding in the billabong! Just like a foot of mud on the buddy, didn't want to know what else was down there, sketchy! But super fun! Except when it dried, it dries like cement :p oops
-       But it was nice to cool off/take a half shower in the pool ;)
   -  It was super hot by day, super cold by night
-       Got ANOTHER cold while there (fun fact)

-       Went on a sunrise walk last day to find some kangaroos and get video of them hopping!

The scenery was beautiful:
Red, bright dirt; green, twisting trees; blue, clear skies; white, puffy clouds

The horizon went on forever and ever! Breath-taking.
-        I had a few moments where I just was so calm and I felt God there, as cliche as it is I know, but it was something I'd never felt that strongly before... comfort, peace, security..

My Goals While There:
   -    To get red dirt on my face, of course :D

   -  But also, I wanted to grow closer to God, and it happened in finding time and silence and relaxation to just sit and listen and pray and read

   -      I wanted to be more open and outgoing with others, and it happened through the sharing time with our ASC group and through good conversations and bonding, still struggling with being quiet and shy overall, but this trip helped me feel more comfortable in myself

-       I loved being on my own with God and nature, but I also stepped out of my comfort zone to let others in more and to just enjoy all the interactions and fun, new experiences together

I definitely miss the Outback, it was just overwhelmingly peaceful (minus flies) and comforting.  It was also like a whole new world, hard to believe people still live that remotely (reminds me of the Dominican), but it was cool to be integrated into that type of life even for a few days...Makes me realize more and more that I'm definitely not a city person.  But I am not a country person in terms of that type of remoteness either, lol, but I think I've decided I'd like a happy medium... :) preferably a place with skies that go on forever and kangaroos that hop past you on the road, nbd.

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  1. Thanks for sharing. So memories piled into a short time period! What a delightful opportunity. May it continue to be incredible in every way.