Saturday, February 16, 2013

So I wanted to post a quick paragraph about how I'm feeling pre-Aussie Adventure...just so later on while I'm in Australia I can look back and see how silly I was for being so nervous. :) But I am so nervous! And excited, of course, and so anxious! I guess as I mentally prepare myself right now, my main goal is to focus on enjoying the moment while I'm there: to be thankful every day to God for the opportunities and experiences...and to take in all the sights and sounds and smells and tastes that Australia has to offer me and just appreciate them all!  I always over-think so much and worry a lot, but I want to just go into this with a clean slate and an open mind.

Meanwhile, I can't wait to begin my Aussie Adventure and to post pictures and write about  experiences and emotions and who knows what else. I'm so excited/nervous I can't even really sleep...I mean, it is 1:30 AM right now...haha oops. But I assume I'll be blogging really late at night over these next few months quite a lot anyway. :)

So tomorrow is going to be a day of panic-mode packing and spending time with my awesome family.  Then Monday (18th) morning I leave bright and early to fly out of D.C. around noon, and then a layover in LAX until the group flight that night with all the other Australia Studies Centre (ASC) students. We will lose an entire day flying into the future over the international date line :p, so I will arrive in Australia on the 20th and the adventures will begin!

Well.. there is the first official blog post of my life! :)
More to come once I'm safe and settled in Australia!



  1. I know how it feels!! I'm praying!! Love you! <333

  2. I know that feeling well! I hope it has abated some now that you are there. You are going to have such a great time! Love you. BTW my coworker is from Australia, so that's fun! Whenever I am with her, I'm thinking about you. :)

  3. I know you won't be able to be on here very often, but know we are thinking about you and praying.

  4. Can't wait to HEAR from you! Love you, MOM