Sunday, February 24, 2013

Hey guys! Thanks for all the prayers! This is my first official post in Australia and it's gonna be a short one because right now it's 8am and I'm at my university "uni" just so i can have internet.  I start class at noon! eek! One thing to let you know is that I love it here for sure! I'm still feeling the effects of jetlag but the biggest thing to pray for is the fact that I'm really sick... ever since my flight out of D.C. my ear hasn't popped? Super weird, and I also have a really bad cold for over a week now. Not too fun, but it's not awful, I'm still loving it and having a great time with my two roommates and the other students here at Wesley Institute and in ASC. My host family is Greek and really nice, I have a cute room to myself with a great view of the Sydney skyline! And it's pretty far from Wesley -- it's about 45 mins and 3 buses away--hopefully I don't get lost when i start going to class on my own! lol Oh also, the biggest dilemma of the first week is: spring break--do I do great barrier reef or new zealand? First world problems :)



  1. Ah!!! So exciting!! I am so happy for you. I'll be praying that this sickness gets lost. Enjoy!! <333

  2. Oh Yay that NZ is an option!:)